Security is our top priority

Our customer focused culture ensures that security is a top priority. We are open and transparent with our security program so you can feel safe using our products and services.

Report a vulnerability

We love hearing about ways we can improve the security of our products. Our commitment to delivering awesome and secure software for our customers is aided by our researcher community - so thanks in advance! Plus you could get recognized in our Hall of Fame.

Report a vulnerability

Report an incident

Notice a compromise of our products or services? We want to know. We're committed to responding to security incidents consistently and comprehensively. We'll always listen and treat your report with respect.

Report an incident

Adroie Security Hall of Fame

We would like to thank the people who have responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities to us.

Hall of Fame

Security advisories

These advisories are generally just for the server at your place, our Adroie Cloud is updated automatically. We release critical Security Advisories on Wednesdays for Server products. Learn about how & when publish security advisories or about how we determine the severity levels.

January 2018


Security policies

We are open and transparent with our program and our security policies to help you understand how we manage our products and services.

Security Statement

Our Adroie Product Security Statement details many of the questions that we receive from customers about how we run and secure our Product Services. 

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Bug Fix Policy

Adroie makes it a priority to ensure that customers' systems cannot be compromised by exploiting vulnerabilities in Adroie products ans services.

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Security Advisory Publishing Policy

Our Advisory Publishing Policy is how we notify customers when a critical security vulnerability in an Adroie product is discovered and resolved.

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